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Ventilation for a healthy home

Bronze Series – 100 & 200H

All homes require adequate ventilation for the safety of their occupants and to remove excess humidity, airborne pollutants and odors. As homes across the country are built and renovated with energy conservation in mind, they are more air-tight, and the need for balanced mechanical ventilation is even more obvious. Without fresh air, carbon dioxide, odors, dust, airborne pollutants and excess humidity are kept indoors, potentially causing or aggravating problems to occupants’ health and comfort, and encouraging mold growth.

Clearly, effective ventilation is a vital system in a healthy home. A balanced mechanical ventilation system with heat or energy recovery is an ideal way to meet both building codes and the requirements of many energy efficiency programs such as LEED®, ENERGY STAR®* for New Homes,  Novoclimat™, BuiltGreen™, R2000 and many more.

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The 200H is a heat recovery air exchanger that offers a proper ventilation flow and a quiet operation. Ideal for mid-sized* homes, the 100H improves indoor air quality and reduces excess humidity by bringing a steady flow of fresh outdoor air into the home.

The 200H is proudly ENERGY STAR® certified.