Top 5 Things to consider when buying an A/C

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Top 5 Things to consider when buying an A/C

The Cooling season is just around the corner and we wanted to share some tips on what to think about before you invest in a new AC.

Top 5 Things to consider when buying an A/C

1.What size unit do you need? Sizing is based on Tons of cooling.

  • It’s not always better to go bigger (for more horsepower?) or smaller (for more savings?)
  • If you are replacing your older AC have your representative do a Heat Gain/Heat Loss calculation
    1. This involves taking into account sqft. of finished space, how air tight the home is, # windows and position of the house
    2. You want the goldilocks sized unit that is just right. Too big and it will cool too quickly and come on and off too much, too small and it may run longer than necessary
    3. If it’s a new home and one designed and installed by Ambassador, we can provide you with the size of unit that was approved. No guess work, just ask us.

2.Reliability of Installing Contractor

  • Will the contractor do a quality job, are they easy to get a hold of, will they honour their work?

3.Manufacturer of the Unit

  • Is the unit a quality product? Check operating noise levels, warranty provided and extended warranties
  • Where is the unit made?
  • How easy is it to service and clean?

4.How big is the unit?

The higher SEER units can often be the size of a small garden shed, so make sure to check dimensions and space available before you sign.

5.How am I going to install it?

  • On Brackets or on a Pad
    1. chances are if you live in a finished area, a Pad is fine, just make sure of property lines and access
    2. If you live in a new home without finished landscaping, a bracket tends to be the safer bet.

We hope this helps and prepares you for your buying decision.